Improve Your Poker Hands by Watching More Videos

The game of poker is one that requires quick thinking and a lot of practice to master. Even the most experienced players will make mistakes at times and lose big pots. This is part of the learning process and nothing to be discouraged about. The best way to improve is by playing more hands and watching more video. There are plenty of training sites that offer free videos and YouTube is also a good resource for finding quality videos on almost any poker topic.

To start a hand you must bet either the ante or the blind. If your opponent calls your bet you must decide whether to call or fold. Generally speaking it is more profitable to call than to raise. This is because you will be able to take advantage of an opponent that may be bluffing.

When it comes to determining your chances of winning a hand there are some simple charts that you can look up. A straight beats three of a kind, four of a kind beats two pair and a full house beats a flush.

Top players will usually fast play their strong hands, this is to build the pot and chase off other players who are waiting for a better hand. A top player can often read tells, such as an opponent’s idiosyncrasies, eye movements and betting behavior. These tells can give you a huge advantage. However, if you are a newer player it is not likely you will be able to pick up any of these subtleties.